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Rachel Lewis, LMHC, CASAC, NCC
Licensed Psychotherapist/EMDR Therapist

The Passion Behind Care Path!

While we do offer the best quality of clinical services, what really makes Care Path Counseling & Coaching Services great is our incredible drive. We are passionate, experienced and talented, we truly are the best of the best. Get to know the person behind the business, who is dedicated to making sure you recieve the help and support to grow and thrive!


With over 20 years of clinical experience working in behavioral health, I believe that people are resilient, and that resilience becomes our beacon to self-discovery and emotional healing. I believe that everyone has the power to live the life they want, and I tailor my counseling and support to help foster the healing and empowerment process.

In working with clients, I provide a brief intake process to get to know you a bit. Once we complete our first session which will be the intake session, we will establish the frequency of our sessions. I recommend that clients commit to at least 90 days of therapy to work on improvement and growth. However, this is not a requirement just a clinical recommendation. I strongly believe in the therapeutic alliance that occurs as the client is supported and empowered. In addition to the therapeutic work that will be done in sessions it is also important to encourage educational resources and therapeutic assignments to help promote continued growth and understanding.

My worldview of how I approach therapy goes back to my experiences with what it means to support others and to be a part of the healing process through the life of my grandmother. She was a trailblazer for her time and empowered others to seek their purpose and to find their own voice. She faced racial trauma, sexist views, and economic abuse. These things did not stop her from doing the work that she believed God placed her on this Earth to do before her passing into the next life at the age of 98.

I have always enjoyed helping others. Becoming a therapist was a natural path for me. Learning that effective mental health treatment can restore one's mental health fuels my daily motivation to help others. I have learned that restorative ​ process of treatment can lead to self-discovery, healing, and empowerment. We are living in times where people feel lost and misunderstood. The impact of COVID has compounded these feelings and impacted mental/emotional health. I am here to tell you that treatment works & there are mental health professionals like myself who can help.

Reach out to me today!

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